Tommy Genesis – Rainbow

Tommy Genesis dropped off her self-titled debut this weekend with Downtown Records.

The project is a 12-track outing that serves to satiate listeners who were patiently awaiting the Vancouver artist’s debut output and it doesn’t disappoint.

Enter “Rainbow.” Produced by Charlie Heat and JJARED, it’s a cut that doesn’t stray from Tommy’s signature offerings, cued in from the project opener “God Sent.” It’s a smooth transition that sets the tone for Tommy’s eclectic debut, delivering on all the elements that make her one of the more prolific new artists in recent times.

“It isn’t that I don’t want to be [put in a box],” she recently explained to Flaunt.  “I’m literally not sitting down and thinking about whether or not I want to be in a box. I’m just sitting down and making shit. I wasn’t like, ‘This album’s going to be like this.’ I had no pressure for this album, I had no constraints. I just sat down and made shit and it was just what it was. I really like it.”

Quotable Lyrics

Meet your maker, get your paper
If you fuck with me, you gon’ need that paper
Get your cake up, you gon’ fuckin’ wake up
Catch me overseas, sex talk in Japanese

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