Saba, Xavier Omär & Mick Jenkins – Stay right here

Saba dropped his latest oeuvre at midnight. A duet with Mick Jenkins was rumored to be in the works, and the final form gives an overall impression of consistency.

The final version invokes singer Xavier Omär with a pleasant interlinking chorus. In the post-drill era in Chicago, Saba and Mick Jenkins acted fast to fill a void, to the point where Chicago is back to being the “impactful intersection” for American culture.

Stay Right Here” is a song rooted in staying homeward bound, and Saba and Mick Jenkins establishing their nesting spot as the main junction. Don’t Sleep.

Quotable Lyrics:

I woke up this morning feeling I’m just like a star
No, I don’t drink but I’m right by the bar.
That’s on my soul, Diana Ross
I am on my pivot like I am Ross
Force to be reckoned, Western I pull up on a horse.

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