Lil Durk – Treacherous

While we’ve been blessed with several high-profile projects and singles today, it would be a shame for Lil Durk to get lost in the shuffle.

The Chicago rapper has proven to be incredibly consistent. At this point, it’s getting more and more difficult to point out a song from the rapper that is not enjoyable. As a drill artist, his music comes with a sense of reality to it, which is perhaps best shown in the introductory track to Signed To The Streets 3.

Durkio has a good ear for beats so production was not something we were worried about with this project. The leader of OTF ended up coming through with a few singles before the album dropped and all of them were solid. Now that we’re able to check out each of the twenty songs being offered to us, it just makes “Treacherous” stand out even more.

The underrated rapper comes through with a song specifically for the “savages” as he gets real in the intro. Telling tales that he’s lived as a veteran on the streets, Durk comes across as authentic as ever here. With so much to digest, “Treacherous” is truly a good place to start. With the importance of introductory tracks being called into question, Durkio chose the right one here.

Quotable Lyrics:

And I be takin’ narcotics
A big shootout on Cottage
Dropped out, ain’t make it to college
I’m not no good role model
I like to take care of my toddler
Send money to jail for my partners
You don’t think I’m a major artist
Even though I got plaques and charted

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