Kodie Shane – End Like That

Kodie Shane drops a new song “End Like That‘ off her Kodie Shane’s debut album.

We’ve been expecting Kodie Shane’s debut album for a minute at this point. The young artist revealed that she had taken a break due to her depression but she’s officially back. While we had to wait a few extra months, the Young HeartThrob has finally delivered her debut album.

She first came up as part of Lil Yachty’s Sailing Team but she’s now carving her own lane, going for a sound similar to artists like Tory Lanez. Kodie is one of the finest artists right now out of Atlanta and she’s been underappreciated for too long. Now is her time to shine and she’s doing it through her new album. “End Like That” is one of the better songs from the project as she rhymes over an original beat. What do you think of her latest effort?

Quotable Lyrics:

I showed you affection
Put you in the right direction
Now you should stop that stressin’
Come on baby, ’cause it’s extra
It’s not ‘posed to be like that
I like it better this way
You hate when I yell back
But I’m stuck up in my ways

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