IDK & Rico Nasty -Bad News

IDK is rounding out 2018 with the marked confidence of someone with all vaccinations in all the right spots. On “Bad News” IDK recruits another underestimated rapper in a joint warning to all the rap tenants who will face eviction in the coming years.

IDK, formerly Jay IDK, administered his own revitalization project. But locked inside his being, IDK still fancies himself a bit of a polyglot. On “Bad News” IDK demonstrates a willingness to be as brash or vile, as the next rapper. Whereas Rico Nasty is just supposing one of the many fluid characters she lays claim to.

IDK’s latest EP is part of this “repatriation.” All the guests put their hands in the middle, like an AA meeting. Rico Nasty raps, “I don’t got no competition, I don’t got no rights,” suggesting that an undetermined collision course is coming to fruition. The new IDK we behold in the mirror is a freak of nature, well positioned to make subtle changes on-the-go. Don’t sleep.

Quotable Lyrics:

Everybody’s a faker, a liar, a bluff
Everybody’s transforming, I’m Shia LeBouf
Don’t nobody be straight with it, eyein’ ’em up
Ain’t no need to debate with it, I am the one
I’ma count up this bread while you eyein’ the crumbs, yikes.

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