Earl Sweatshirt – Nowhere2go

Earl Sweatshirt has returned after a long self-imposed exile with his first “single” in literal years. 

Never one to follow the “in-crowd,” Earl has operated by his own set of rules, in which musical generosity is optional (with several underlines).

 Such logic is in keeping with the structure of Earl’s previous two albums, Doris and I Don’t Like Shit. I Don’t Go Outside, neither of which were led by a discernible single. Now, however, Earl has come through with “Nowhere2go,” a single by his own set of standards, which is to say, about as against the grain as humanly possible.

Quotable Lyrics

Let’s try a different approach out
I celebrate with a toast
You know if you with me we homebound
I need a city to hold down, these n****s gave me a coast
You went and gave me a cake
But that never gave me no hope, nope
I found a new way to cope, it ain’t no slave in my soul
But I keep the memories close by, even when I hit a low
I still give thanks to the most high, I can’t do favors no more

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