Diggy Simmons – Love Yourself

Diggy Simmons issues a self-love PSA on “Love YourselfIn case you missed it, Diggy Simmons made his official return after a six-year hiatus with his most recent Lighten Up album, signaling a literal and figurative new chapter for the 23-year old Simmons.

Previously, Diggy offered up four singles in the form of lead track, all delivering on a more stripped-down version of the emcee in comparison to his Unexpected Arrival debut in 2012 a representation of just what the project’s title means.

“It’s a reminder to myself,” Diggy tells VIBE of the new album. “A positive affirmation to myself and to other people just to not take yourself too seriously I feel like in that process of us becoming better people and becoming better at our crafts, we have to lighten up and not be so hard on ourselves.”

That mentality carries over throughout the track listing and is especially amplified on “Love Yourself,” which arrives in the second half of the album as Diggy challenges woman of interest to appreciate who she is in juxtaposition to society’s social media’s standards of beauty. The same jazzy undertones are present in this cut as Diggy continues to push a smoother delivery on Lighten Up.


Quotable Lyrics

From the womb to the tomb
I’ll be your protection
Just know you got something
That’s worth being protected
Once you get it, got it, good
Don’t ever forget it

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