Bow Wow – Wish I Never Met Her

Bow Wow comes through with the early morning vibes.

This year has been filled with the oddest headlines pertaining to Bow Wow. One day, he’s tearing up the set of a TV show, the next he’s posting all sorts of unsettling messages. The entertainer appears to have sorted through his issues to close out 2018 on a high note. After teasing two projects for the better part of this year, it looks like we may be inching towards the eventual arrival of Greenlight 6. Shad Moss is taking his time with the work, which we couldn’t be happier about. Today, he came through with some early morning vibes as he dropped “Wish I Never Met Her.”

Bow Wow’s relationships have been making headlines for years but there’s one woman in particular that he got so attached to that he wishes he never met her at all. It’s a feeling we can all relate to. Sometimes, you give so much in a relationship and the love is never returned. Moss goes back to a certain video shoot, singing about how he wishes he never approached the girl he fell in love with. This is the latest track Bow Wow has come out with as he recently dropped off a couple of efforts a few weeks ago. What do you think of the smooth song?

Quotable Lyrics:

I wish I never met her on that video shoot
But she was looking so good to me
I told her I’m a stand-up n***a
She like, I heard that before, you gotta prove to me
Wish I never met her

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