Big K.R.I.T., Jakk Jo & David Banner – Knocking At My Door

9th Wonder has some wolves for friends.
There’s something refreshing about hearing something for the first time, after staving away from sensory delight for months if not years. A case for the type of rekindled joy I just described can be made for several aspects of this new “Knocking At My Door” record, off Jamla Is the Squad II.

“Knocking At My Door” is but one of many “atomic” performances on the Jamla compilation, and thus stood a good chance of being overlooked by the casual listener. At first, I was drawn to names like J.I.D, Rapsody, and J. Cole, because they all figure in the current conversation of who’s hot and who’s not. But as history teaches us, you’ll never force a King off his throne without a little resistance.

We all know, Big K.R.I.T. is a menace when he chooses to be. The same can be said for David Banner, but he’s a bit of a “born-again Christian” in view of his career arc, biting into the apple for a moment, then spitting it out.

How do you feel about “Knocking At My Door?”

Quotable Lyrics:

They knocking at the door again
Peeping out the window
Ask ’em who they here for?
Come back ’cause we ain’t home
Whoever told you I live here was wrong
They knocking at the door again.

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