Ari Lennox – No One

Dreamville’s soulful songstress delivers another new track.
What did we do to deserve four new songs from Ari Lennox? Seemingly nothing but the Dreamville crooner definitely delivered with a handful of fresh songs for us to digest. It will be difficult to pick a favorite but “No One” is a strong contender. A few days ago, the singer dropped “Grampa” and “40 Shades of Choke” from out of nowhere. She decided to follow up the surprise with a new duo, unleashing “No One” and “Pedigree.”

Lennox does what she does best here, harmonizing with herself in a beautiful fashion and singing about her struggles with relationships, love, and friendship. Ari is clearly an underrated talent, which she’s proving right now. It’s pretty clear why J. Cole decided to sign her to Dreamville and if she continues to release singles like this, she’ll be a true force to be reckoned with in the R&B and Soul landscapes.

Quotable Lyrics:

251 contacts
You would think they are ‘Merica’s best
Somehow I still remain alone
Not one missed call wrapped across the phone

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