Allan Kingdom & TyBass – Today

Canadian rapper Allan Kingdom and up and comer TyBass have recently joined forces to deliver a lively, positive track bound to lift the spirits of fans.

Earlier this year, Allan Kingdom told Pigeons and Planes “I’m in the mentality of, ‘Fuck everybody,’ but in a fun way.” He went on to reveal that while he was in the studio working on his project, Peanut Butter Prince he revealed, “Every time I was in the studio for this project, I was in a good mood,” he says. “I was in a good space where I didn’t really have to think too much. I could just let the music flow out.”

It seems that the rapper has remained jovial, and this latest song emits nothing but positive energy.

Quotable Lyrics

Today, I know that you’ll never stop me
Today, I know that I’m finna get it poppin’
Today, I won’t fold
Today, I’m gon blow

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