A.CHAL is getting ready to deliver on his EXOTIGAZ EP in December, but before that arrives, he’s gifting listeners with another preview of the effort in the form of his latest LA DUEÑA single, featuring an appearance from Darell. The song originally appeared on the Superfly film soundtrack, and most recently received an official release via A.CHAl as it earns a spot on the forthcoming EXOTIGAZ EP.

EXOTIGAZ is a mood that combines the energy of the women and clubs in Miami with the attitude of the cowboys in Texas and Cali,” he says. “The EP defines where I’m at right now and is only an introduction to all the music that I’ve been making.”

He adds: “I’m giving the fans what I’ve been holding back from them for a while now. It’s an appetizer to hold you off until the album drops. I got something for everybody in there. I’m excited for what’s to come.”

Quotable Lyrics

Mami you should be loud and not be afraid (ya)
Either way they gonna find out that it’s me
Your friends caught up ’cause they do not understand
Tell ’em I’m my own boss and I got a plan

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